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About MagicEzy Products

MagicEzy Fiberglass Repair Products

MagicEzy’s revolutionary range of fiberglass repair products allows even novice repairers to fix hairline cracks, chips, holes and other surface damage. Our revolutionary fiberglass filler technology acts like a marine epoxy, allowing you to fill and bond fiberglass as well as color it, resulting in a professional repair result. The results are so revolutionary that MagicEzy sets itself apart from all fiberglass supply manufacturers.

So if you enjoy boating and proud of your fiberglass boat, don’t just use any fiberglass filler or marine epoxy to fix surface damage. Restore your boat’s appearance with MagicEzy’s fiberglass repair kit.

Key Product Features

Regardless of whether you choose our 9 Second Chip Fix, Hairline Fix which come in 11 colors, or Mega Fusion, each of our products have common key features such as:

  • Super high fill rate

  • Delivers structural grade adhesion

  • Non-corrosive

  • Water, weather and impact resistant

  • Sets rapidly

  • Can be sanded and drilled

  • High elasticity for increased durability

  • Suitable for cosmetic AND structural repairs                                                                                            CLICK ON PRODUCTS BELOW TO ORDER!                                    

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